Cancellation and Refund Policy

Return Policy

Question 1: What are your return conditions?
Answer : With the exception of Domain name, SSL certificate, cPanel, DirectAdmin, LiteSpeed, Design, Server Support and Server services you purchased from www.vavipo.com, our Hosting[Reseller, Web, Radio, SEO] services within 15 days without question, 100% refund There is a payment guarantee. Since domain name registrations are made automatically by ICANN and METU, there is no refund.

Question 2: What are your cancellation conditions?
Answer : In order to cancel the services you receive from www.vavipo.com, you must log in to the system with your user name and password and select the option to cancel the package. No invoice will be created for your account in the next month .

Question 3: What are the warranty terms?
Answer : The terms of warranty and legal obligations are explained in detail in the user agreement. Click here to reach this page.

You can write your questions about the warnings and conditions to the address info@vavipo.com.