About Us

Vavipo Information Technologies has been producing smart solutions in areas such as internet services, digital transformation, web hosting, search engine optimization since 2010.

Our main goal is to produce sustainable, easily accessible and easy-to-use solutions for everyone. We always produce scalable and sustainable solutions for the people and institutions we serve with the least problems and the least workforce.

Among the services we provide are domain name registration (domain), web hosting (hosting), corporate e-mail services, virtual server services, national and international sms services, e-commerce sites and automation software, media and promotion services, search engine optimization services. .

We are constantly improving for the efficiency and quality of our services and making a rapid transition to the most up-to-date stable technologies. For this reason, we are very meticulous and selective about the people and institutions we work with.

As Vavipo BT, we are happy and proud to offer you, our valued business partners, the highest quality services that we always stand behind and that we use together with you in our daily operations.